Monday, August 17, 2009

Congressman Grayson Limits Town Hall to 120

Oh yes democrats at work. Democracy in action. Congressman Alan Grayson of Orlando held a heath care town hall meeting August 17th at the local Electricians Union Hall 606. The capacity, I kid you not, was 120. There were easily 700 protesters outside who could not get in. And to make matters worse Grayson and his fascist thugs were doing a drivers license check to see if the people were “in his district”. Well we have a problem Mr. Grayson my congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas will not be having a town hall meeting so I guess I am out of luck unless I want a telephone conference.

Of course the majority were union members and their families. For the life of me I cannot understand how any union guy would want to exchange private health insurance for crappy government care. I have worked with these guys many years and in Orlando being a union anything is a tough gig. Many contractors will not hire them and they know it. When they do get a job they have done some quality work. At Orlando City Hall years ago I was the inspector and was very pleased with the welding they did on the key structural elements of the project. Good not great but well done where it really counts. Inspectors always respect the trades when they pull through when it’s an important structural element of the structure.

Anyway Alan used these guys as his front guys along with his three kids to keep the ruckus down. What a goof ball this guy is. What a shame all that intellect had to be wasted in some canned environment. Alan your better than that. Get a high school gymnasium and let it fly dude.

So here we are seeing democracy crushed before our very eyes. Soon all town hall meeting will be stages political infomercials for the members of the party. I will get arrested for my subversive views along with millions of other Americans. And the dictatorship will move on.

As Dick Morris points out now is the time to unload on these guys. Even when they lose in 2010 if Obama’s legislation is passed it will be too late. Once the government gets cap and trade, health care and card check they can unleash inflation that will make the next dictator a forgone conclusion. Obama is the set up guy in my opinion. He’s too weak and stupid to be dictator material. A long vacation in Hawaii would suit him fine. Obama at best will be a spokesperson for the fascist in the Democratic Party. With 9 seats going to California in 2012 the republicans can kiss congress goodbye. No the end of the road is in sight. We revolt now or take our chances 20 years from now after the fascist have been defeated and destroyed both internally and externally.

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